Friday, October 5, 2007

Intrepid Reporter #2 --Welcome 欢迎 Bienvenue Bienvenuto 환영 Wilkommen

Welcome to LIVE !!! Wilkommen unt bienvenue !!! Aloha xoxoxoxoxo
from Margaret Dragu aka La Dragu (or Lady Justice to her pals)

I am thrilled to be one of your two Blog Mistresses for 2007 LIVE BIENNALE Performance Festival &
LIVE IN PUBLIC: The Art of Engagement Conference

Look hear for critical engagement, observations, interviews, gossip, recipes, opinions, etc.
xoxoxo MD


Anonymous said...

Tell videographer to grow his curls back.

Anonymous said...

Website is beyond amazing.
Almost like being there.
Better, maybe -
No in between times, no rain.
Wish I could be there, nonetheless ...
Eat? Or Art?
What a dilemma!