Thursday, November 8, 2007

Theatre Replacement

Selections from Theatre Replacement's
performances at The Vancouver Art Gallery October 26/2007

JB:The First Lady

JB:The First Lady's performance at Gallery Gachet October 27/2007

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

SECOND LIFE WEBPAGE -- apres biennale

LIVE Biennale events have been completed, the cake eaten, the dishes washed & put away. Our intrepid leader is in Bali with Iwan. Your cheque is in the mail. Now is the time for real life, email, correspondance, documentation.

It was an excellent festival. I had a rigorous and engaged time. My only regret is I couldn't see more of Second Life performances. My collaborator Tagny Duff (as avatar EBA HAX) and I (as avatar Lady Justice Beaumont) performed one piece during the festival but I was at home on my computer and Tagny was in Australia on her computer so we couldn't see what others saw at the LUXE BALLROOM at the Western Front. I got a glimpse of Tagny's solo piece at the Western Front but really wanted to see more. (photo: Performology Remix #2 by Eba Hax/tagny duff & Lady Justice Beaumont/margaret dragu)

But take heart! Jeremy Turner is working on the video and other documentation of this extraordinary and ground breaking festival over the next three weeks that shall be updated on his blogg. Go to his blogg at
to see an extraordinary video clip of FAU FERDINAND's solo Second Life Performance "All nOObs are Sailors 2" and read statements by Jeremy Turner, Skawennati Tricia Fragnito & some participating artists. Jeremy shall be updating so re-visit the site often.

SECOND LIFE is a new place to make art but it is also a new and generally misunderstood virtual world. It is often portrayed in mainstream media as a capitalist wonderland of real estate fuelled by Linden dollars and trolled by cruising yuppies consuming and amassing virtual possessions while somehow translating Linden dollars into big US real life dollars.

This is not my experience of SECOND LIFE. As a SL resident, I am lucky to be allowed to create art in a non-currency utopia full of art galleries, performances, lectures, and stimulating social intercourse.

I have barely broken the surface of what SL can offer as a new canvas for art making. It was an extraordinary opportunity to partner with Tagny Duff and participate in a festival with her and other artists who are much more skilled than I am. Frankly, I am still having trouble flying and landing and keeping my clothes on so Tagny's and my collaboration with chance choreography as an extension and memory of Cage/Cunningham/Rainier principles in aktion with our ongoing investigations into history/memory was really challenging.

Thank you to all Second Life Artists!

... respectfully submitted by Margaret Dragu