Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Videos: History Panel

Opening remarks from panel participants for The History Panel: Vancouver Performance Art History

Randy Gledhill, Executive Director of LIVE5, welcomes panelists to The History Panel: Vancouver Performance Art History

Opening remarks from Glenn Alteen

Opening remarks from Glenn Lewis

Opening remarks from Paul Wong

Opening remarks from Judy Radul

Opening remarks from Margaret Dragu


Anonymous said...

Hearing Margaret talk of the tribe she met and connected to through performance, reminds me of the other tribe, non-performers comprising her audience, who met one another for the first time by attending her various performances (and sometimes participating as local members of Margaret's posse, when called upon). We renew acquaintence with one another at her events. Long may we all continue to connect through Margaret.
— Sarah Sheard

Anonymous said...


I am remembering meeting you at St. Nicholas location of A SPACE during Western Front's residency in Toronto. You were one of the performers in SPOTS BEFORE YOUR EYES. In fact, you were one of the sexy girl tuxedoed 'Ettes win black stockings and I was pressed into last-minute service as choreographer by Granada Gazelle in a move to make polish your and other legs to fan like Busby Berkeley Bananas for big production number surrounding Dr. Brute and his gazoo-saxes-ensemble and films and slides and ....