Monday, October 1, 2007

SL Perfromances

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Weirder things can happen in Second life (SL).

Yes I know, SL is weird to start with. It's weird when people think owning a house, double garage, Ferrari and pool in a VR is cool. It is NOT cool, because it's more completely worthless crap to manage:

The house you can't enjoy because you get stuck in it. The garage is a waste of the only think worth anything - land. And the cars all seem to be stuck immobile, while everyone can fly.

But how about this (see pic) the other day while flying about I encountered a swirling cloud of money and ninja turtle boxes? Now that's a performance. I hope some one hacked SL and turned the air into money, but more likely it was just a bug in the client. Oh well, for real SL performance LIVE will not disappoint you.

This years LIVE has been taken up by a dearth of SL performances, the first of which is outlined here. <- go there ok, ok, now.

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