Sunday, October 14, 2007

Words: Glyn Davies-Marshall, Sat Oct 13th at The Helen Pitt Gallery

Glyn Davies-Marshall: Day 3
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Inside a small white room at the Helen Pitt Gallery, Glyn Davies-Marshall creates a politicized dollhouse space made from found objects/toys. Then he has conversations with the public who drop by the gallery and also executes various actions based on feelings, memory, ideas and discussions.

Glyn presents an at-risk community experiencing a disaster/crisis and his performance and sculpture asks the public to think/feel about issues around immigration, displacement, trade, traffic, loss, etc...

"When Debt Comes in the Window Love Goes Out the Door" is a visual & performance artist addressing masculinity, violence and loss. Glyn draws on his family's (and other's) history of death of miners over many genreations of strikes in England. Stafford (Stafforshire) had infamous strikes and mining accidents in the 1870's, the 1950's, and then the 1970's. Glyn draws on this and other aspects of working class community life to build scenarios about England, his critical relationship to England, and his awareness of international communities especially transient/migrant individuals & communites forced to re-locate because of economic or ecological disasters/changes. [NB: google KEIN MENSCH IST ILLEGAL].

Talking with Glyn is exciting -- like skate-boarding through the 1996 film "Trainspotting" and 1999 Martin Amis novel "London Fields" at the same time.

This durational work is hard to "see" in just an hour dropping into the gallery. I like the video on our blogg titled GLYN DAVIES-MARSHALL DAY 3. Scroll back and take a peek !!!
... margaret dragu