Sunday, October 21, 2007

Artur Tajber // TIMEMIT

On Saturday night, Artur Tajber threw it down Old School and won my heart.

Artur Tajber's TIMEMIT - part of Participatory Dissent
Presented at Western Front, Oct 20/07

Artur explored John Berger's notion that art is "ways of seeing" by drawing on physics, photography, sculpture and pure dance. Deftly approaching drama through employing visual tricks from 1890's Lumiere Films and a John Cage-ian sound track of clock-ticking and real (found) sounds, Tajber created tension without narrative. He created suspense without the tyranny of dramatic conventions.

Artur played with his pre-recorded shadow/mirror self(ves). Sometimes he followed and sometimes he lead his doppleganger. Does foreshadow increase suspense/tension? Does witnessing sequences of repetition (and therefore having knowledge of what is to come) lessen or increase expectation?

The Projected Image of Artur Tajber (through the gravity-defying-benefit-of-editing) broke the laws of gravity and time. But Real Life Artur Tajber sweated and fatigued while lifting/climbing upon heavy tables, spinning and dropping chairs, and walking with a heavy tread in his black boots. What makes us rivet our collective gaze to Artur Tajber's performance of pure form and aktion?

LIVE BIENNALE catalogue suggests Artur Tajber may create some spontaneous actions during the festival. If he does, make sure you go.

... respectfully submitted by Margaret Dragu

LIVE5 Photos: Artur Tajber Photo Set

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