Sunday, September 25, 2011

Moe Satt : F+F (Fingers and Face)

There is only a chair, a light shining on it, as well as a video projector and camera. Projector and camera feedback to produce an infinite number of Moe Satts as Moe Satt shows us an infinite number of gestures using his fingers and face. He takes off a sweater, a coat and sandals, hangs them neatly on the back of the chair. Wearing only a wrap, he kneels on the chair and bows over, massaging his face. Raising up, he reveals the first of what he later tells me is one hundred and eight finger and face positions. I foolishly attempt to record these positions. Here is as far as I got:

    Prayer hands over nose
    Open to the side of face
    Rooster comb on head
    Mask over face in bars
    Camera frame with hands as begin whistle
    Closes frame to cover mouth, silence
    Slide thumbs to temples to reveal whistling mouth
    Make ears, slowly waggle them
    Over eyes and over mouth, silence
    Trees curl around nose with fingers
    Scrunches hands into earmuffs
    Clasp over head
    Slide to slide of face
    Roll to other side
    Points hands then guns at eyes

Softly whistling, Satt slowly transitions from one stance to the next. A continuous sound throughout the performance, like a bird in a forest. He stands, and, moving towards us, continues to make faces. Approaching individuals, he asks them to copy him. He asks me to make a very funny Finger and Face where the nose juts out like a strange nub between thumbs and index fingers. I feel as if I am a small child, constantly bewildered and enthralled by a shapeshifting creature who entertains me with an elaborate game of peekaboo.

With his back towards us, legs wide, Satt rolls his wrap up, making his skirt into a pair of shorts. Still whistling, finger-faces emerge from between his legs. He crouches up against a wall as if he's about to do a headstand against it. Again, upside down, he continues with the different positions. Finally, Satt faces us, a pair of elaborate finger-goggles over his eyes. Holding this over his face, he raises his elbows up, up, and out, then thanks us with a short bow.

- stacey ho

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